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In The Beginning…

We got together in 2011, after graduation. A few high school friends who shared the dream of creating ecommerce brands. Through hard work and dedication - and nights fueled by coffee - we managed to bootstrap these companies, build out several teams of top-tier professionals, and scale up to 9 figures in sales.

Higher Standards

The Amazon-focused businesses we were spearheading grew to include extensive catalogs and large volumes of inventory. It felt like there were about a million moving pieces to tend to every single day, and we couldn’t find a software company or service provider that would meet our wants and needs.


We are a passionate team

Our experts offer hands-on experience and innovation.

Brian Cumin


Bodrum Salvador

Digital Marketing

Hanson Deck

Analytics Expert


Creating Clove

We went to work creating software of our own: Clove. During its construction, we wanted to take into account the A to Z of what it takes to master the marketplace, and rebuild it from the ground up. Fun fact: the software’s working title was “THE Software”!

Expanding Horizons

Now that Clove has stood the tests of both time and profit margins, we’ve decided to broaden its scope and amplify its reach by offering its services to fellow business leaders and entrepreneurs.


Empowering Success

The majority of Ecommerce-focused software suites and solutions are provided by software companies. Clove, on the other hand, was designed by those who have spent years in the digital trenches, who know the ins and outs of building successful brands, and who have real-world experience and knowhow. Clove - created by Ecommerce sellers for Ecommerce sellers.

Clove - created by Ecommerce sellers for Ecommerce sellers.

What our clients say

Our users are here to share their stories!

Daniel Horowitz VP of Ecommerce, Nature’s Craft

I couldn't be happier with the results. The dashboard is incredibly user-friendly, and we've had a substantial boost in profit thanks to the money we've gotten back through their services. They recovered more money for us than the 3 previous companies we tried, and on top of that they also charge the lowest rate!

Elad Harizy Director of Logistics, Honeydew Products

Working with Clove has revolutionized our logistics operations. Their software seamlessly integrates into our workflow, streamlining processes with ease. The real-time tracking and analytics features have been invaluable, providing us with crucial insights to make informed decisions. Additionally, we are able to maintain stock at an optimum level, reducing downtime and improving overall efficiency. We highly recommend Clove for anyone seeking a reliable and cutting-edge solution.

Levi Moskoff Director of Advertising, Maple Holistics

I've been using Clove for my Amazon ads, and honestly, it's been a game-changer. It brings everything I need to see into one spot, which saves me a ton of time and hassle. I really like how it doesn't just show me where my money's going but also explains why and what happens when I tweak my listings. It's like having a smart buddy pointing out where I can stop wasting cash and make more sales instead. Every tip and insight it gives feels like it's tailored just for me, helping me understand my business better and make smarter moves. For anyone selling on Amazon and looking to get a real grip on their ads, Clove is the way to go.

Solomon Kamins CEO, Midas Hydro

Since enrolling with Clove we have been able to consistently recover additional thousands of dollars. We have worked with other services in the reimbursement area and Clove has outperformed them all.

Anthony Broom COO, Vitauthority

Clove Digital has been nothing but amazing for us. Not only does it offer a simplistic view of all the data, we love the ads function, and the claims team is great. We love working with the team.

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