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Which Case Types
Do We Cover?

Lost Inbound

When Amazon losses items on the way to an Amazon warehouse

Lost Warehouse

When Amazon losses items in an Amazon warehouse

Damaged Warehouse

When Amazon damages items in an Amazon warehouse​

Inventory Discrepancy​

When Amazon looses track of inventory and items are unaccounted for

Shipping Fees

When a shipment has been canceled but Amazon charges you shipping fees anyway

Lost Removal Order​

When Amazon looses items that are sent back to the seller

Carrier Damaged

When an Amazon carrier damages items on the way to a customer

Incorrect Disposal

When Amazon wrongfully disposes of items

Distributor Damaged

When an Amazon partnered distributor damages items

Overcharged Fees​

When Amazon overcharges for fees such as pick and pack, storage fees, and many more

Remibursement Issues

When Amazon reimburses the incorrect quantity or amount per item

And More!

Frequently asked

We cover all Amazon Marketplaces globally.

Yes. You have the option to use either our Case Management Service or Self-Service tool. 

In Self-Service you use our intuitive and easy-to-use software to open and manage cases yourself. However Self-Service does not include case types with more manual aspects such as removal order lost.

Case management, on the other hand, allows you to relax while we handle the opening and pursuit of reimbursements on your behalf. We leverage our expertise to win complex cases and save you hours of work.

While every seller account is unique, our system is designed to efficiently identify funds owed by Amazon, facilitating easier case wins. 

Our services primarily benefit FBA sellers, as most reimbursement issues are related to FBA operations.

We can secure reimbursements for most case types from the past 18 months. However, some case types have a smaller time-frame window. 

For self-service, connecting your account via Amazon’s SP-API is sufficient. This grants our software access to necessary reports for identifying reimbursement cases.


For case management, additional authorization as a user with minimal permissions in your Amazon seller account is needed for us to actively open and manage cases. 


User authorization and API access can be revoked at any time.

To cancel your subscription, log in at app.clovedigital.ai, navigate to ‘Settings’, and then to ‘Account & Billing’.

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